Performance in Happy Valley

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Updated: 2012-05-16

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Visitors can enjoy large multimedia magic acrobatics "Happy Cube". A blend of stunning acrobatics, cool visuals, fantastic colors and unique performances exhibit a mysterious and beautiful sight! It is both a sensory shock and audio-visual feast!

Large Horse War Film Real Show Epic called "The River All Red"

A shocking real show of the horse war is reproduced with the grand and heroic scenes of one hundred horses of the YUE Army galloping.

Real Drama of Film Stunt, "Shanghai Bund"

Reproduction of enter the dragon's old Shanghai, a realistic film stunt that brings the enjoyment of an interactive entertaining experience.

The Themed Parade "Happy Cruise"Colorful rides echo the theme of seven districts as one flows along with the joyful cruise.

Exotic Performances

The fast-paced Russian dance and the Goldmine Town blacksmith show entertains viewers with different exotic styles.

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