Route in Happy Valley Shanghai

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Updated: 2012-05-16

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Wooden Coaster-Fireball

The first wooden roller coaster in China and the oldest roller coaster in the world, honored as the "First Ancestor of Roller Coasters". The wood is imported southern pine from the US and the ride brings visitors an experience of zero gravity in space. The trip is a roaring 1,200 meters long.

Shoot the Chute

The world's largest drop height with 26 meters, "Shoot the Chute" is a journey for a person who enjoys rapidly skydiving along the slide-way while causing huge waves to crash into.

Mine Train Coaster

Rapid slide, swerve and slide with high speed again! The Tunnel Mine Train Coaster is famous for its speed, height and multiple turns.

Space Shot & Turbo Drop

Asian adventure tower—Space Shot & Turbo Drop, is a tower that ejects participants from the bottom of the tower to the top, while others fall rapidly from the top to the bottom. The ejection and landing, perfectly integrates.


The 30 meters diving from the sky at a speed of nearly 100km/h, brings riders the feeling of flying free!

Diving Coaster

The global new dropping roller coaster, Diving Coaster, enjoys the reputation of the "King of Roller Coasters". Riders experience a vertical drop from a 60-meter-high peak and enjoy the acceleration of free falling!

Gyro Swing

The Pirate ship takes passengers 15-floors high into the sky at a speed of 110 kilometers per hour to overlook the beautiful scenery.

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