A family tour to the Sheshan National Tourist Resort

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park–retrospect childhood on 65 million yuan ($0.81 million) Fuwa-Fuwa Dome

The greatest attraction of the Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park is undoubtedly the fascinating Moon Lake. It is like a brilliant pearl in the middle of the park. The sidewalk around the lake is long and meandering. The "spring, summer, autumn and winter" design serves as the main axes with different colors to divide the bank into different zones.

In the summer zone, you shouldn't miss the world's most advanced Fuwa-Fuwa Dome costing 65 million yen ($0.81 million) and imported from Japan.

If you like quietness, you should go to the elegant autumn bank where you may visit the interesting Yuehu Museum of Art, linger among art works with your children and tell them stories.

At last, do not forget to have a look at the winter bank. The beauty of little Sheshan Mountain adds a sense of coziness to the stroll through the tree shade. You may also sip a cup of afternoon tea at the Homa Moon Lake Hotel of Modern Art, or watch the adjacent music fountain with your children and experience the special feeling of water mist and the unforgettable reflections in the water of the lake.


1. Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park lies in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort at No 1158, Linyinxin Road, Songjiang district, Shanghai. After getting off at the Sheshan Station No 9 subway train, you may rent a bike beside the subway station and ride to the park. Alternatively you can take a free tourist coach from the resort or a No 92 Songjiang bus.

2. The price of an adult ticket to the Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park is 120 yuan, that for a child (below 1.4m) or an elderly person (providing elderly certificate) is 50 yuan and that for a pet is 30 yuan. Anybody with a full priced adult ticket may take a battery car free of charge once and can receive a complimentary soda drink. Anybody with a child ticket or an elderly ticket may take a battery car free of charge once. On each Tuesday (except statutory holidays), the adult ticket price is halved.

Chenshan Botanical Garden–enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and learn about popular science

Long before, the Chenshan Botanical Garden became a must-visit place for many flower lovers. It owns the record of "the greatest collection of protophytes in East China". It is an undisputed choice for people who want to appreciate flowers and spend time in nature.

Now, it has also become one of the best places for a "family tour". This is not only because of the beautiful scenery but because of its value in scientific popularization for children. While enjoying the beautiful flowers, families may also learn about plant species. The temperature in the greenhouse of Chenshan is adjusted to a value most suitable for the flowers, making them particularly delicate and charming.

Stones for buildings used to be mined in Chenshan. As a result, a mine pit more than 60m deep is left. The site is reserved so that urban dwellers may have insight on the ore mining industry and kids may learn while enjoying the scenery and having fun.


1. Chenshan Botanical Garden is located at No 3888, Chenhua Highway, Songjiang district (near Chenta Highway). The garden is open at 8 am throughout the year, and closes at 5:00 from Nov 1 to Feb 28 and at 5:30 from March 1 to Oct 31.

2. To go to the botanical garden, you may get off at Dongjing Station, No 9 subway train and then take a No 19 shuttle bus or a free tourist coach outside the station to directly reach the No 1 entrance of the botanical garden. Alternatively, you may also get off at Sheshan Station, No 9 subway train, then rent a free bicycle and ride about 13km along Linyinxin Road to the destination. After you visit the garden, if you do not want to ride the bike back to Sheshan Station, you may return the bike at any bike park outside the entrance of the garden. It is special to go there in a low-carbon way.

Happy Valley–arouse another type of joy

"Happy Valley" is a famous theme park in Shanghai known as an ideal place full of "thrills" and a favorite among tourists. Characterized by "dynamic, fashionable, joyous and illusionary", it has many large amusement items. However, after you have played all the items in the park, you will find "thrill" is not the only theme of the park. The joy here is full of family love.

You may take a precious photo with your child before the exquisite carousel, or experience the wonder of time reversal in the Shanghai Bund. You may appreciate the charms of old Shanghai and tell your child stories of Shakkumen and Ten Miles of Luxury, or enter a large venue to enjoy a circus show, 4D movies and fairy tales. Tips:

1. Shanghai Happy Valley is open from 9 am to 5 pm normally. The adult ticket price is 200 yuan. A half price ticket costs 100 yuan.

2. Traffic guide: Taking a No 9 subway train is the most convenient way of travel. At Sheshan Station, you may take a shuttle bus to reach the destination directly.

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