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Updated: 2012-05-17

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If you want to experience the fun and pleasure of cycling around the mountains and waters of Shanghai, Sheshan Mountain in Songjiang is the ideal location.

Shanghai Sheshan public bicycle program was officially initiated on April 29, 2010. There are 1000 public bicycles distributed at 15 outlets. The cycling route links many scenic spots including Sheshan Mountain, Happy Valley, Chenshan Botanical Garden, and Shanghai Sculpture Park.

Reason 1: Natural

Experience the best natural scenery

Recommended locations: Shanghai Sculpture Park, Chenshan Botanical Garden and West Sheshan Mountain

After riding along Linyinxin Road, you will arrive at the first major attraction - Shanghai Sculpture Park. The park is a sculpture park famous for its large sculptures, which are mostly created by artists from Taiwan, Japan, Britain and Italy. It also features works from promising Chinese artists. The park also features a large and enchanting lake.

Chenshan Botanical Garden is situated in Sheshan National Tourist Resort and covers around 207 hectares of land. The large garden has many smaller themed gardens as well as a big greenhouse. Visitors can buy a tourist coach ticket at a price of 10 yuan ($1.58), which allows unlimited rides.

West She Mountain is also beautiful. The whole mountain is covered with emerald bamboos. Sheshan Roman Catholic Cathedral is the largest church in the Far East and is a good place for taking photos. The observatory and the seismic station are both must-visit places for children in the spring.

Reason 2: Fashionable

The best place young travelers

Recommended location: Happy Valley

Happy Valley is the top choice for groups of young visitors. Songjiang, Gyro Swing, Mega-lite, Diving Coaster, Wooden Coaster - Fireball are the greatest attractions for young people on weekend tours. Each weekend, groups of young people disembarking No 9 Subway trains at Sheshan Station all head for Happy Valley. Now there is the option of borrowing a bicycle to ride to the lively location.

Reason 3: Economical

Experiencing the thrill of cycling may be your main objective

Recommended location: Green space beside Linyinxin Road

If you are not interested in scenic spots or your time is limited, you may choose the economical form of touring with a bike. Take a No 9 Subway train to Sheshan Station, cross an overpass, borrow a bike and then start your journey along Linyinxin Road.

Riding under the shade of trees, speeding across the lawn, wind blowing in your face, sunlight shining on your body and the landscape unfolding before your eyes - these scenes may take you back to your childhood days.

Once tired, rest on the lawn beside Linyinxin Road, where you may find tents, barbeques, angling on the riverside, and people chatting.

Perhaps the joy of riding is greater than whatever a scenic spot may offer.

List of ticket prices of scenic spots along the route

Sheshan Forest Park: Free.

Happy Valley: 200 yuan ($31.85).

Shanghai Sculpture Park: 120 yuan ($19.11).

Chenshan Botanical Garden: 60 yuan ($9.55).

Tips for free bike rentals

Card application flow

■ Show your valid identity document, register information and pay 200 yuan ($31.85) deposit.

■ Collect a bike card, and brush the card on the intelligent post.

■ Take the bike and use it.

Card return flow

■ Put the bike back to the place and insert the specified part into the intelligent post.

■ Brush the card at the specified position.

■ Return the card to the outlet counter and take back the deposit.

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