Q&A for travel in Songjiang by bike

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Q: Where can I rent a bike?

A: There are fifteen outlets in the Sheshan Mountain range, which are located at main scenic spots and hotel doorways. The most convenient outlet is the one opposite No 9 Subway Sheshan Station. After coming out from Sheshan Station, you may cross an overpass and go to Happy Valley shuttle bus stop where you will see the outlet.

Q: Are card application and return services available at every outlet?

A: No, they are not. At present, the services are available only in five of the 15 outlets. They are No 9 Subway Sheshan Station, Happy Valley, South Entrance of East She Mountain, North Entrance of West She Mountain and South Entrance of Chenshan Botanical Garden.

Q: How much does borrowing a bike cost?

A: Free within two hours (no limitation to the number of rents), one yuan/h after two hours.

Q: Are tandem bicycles available?

A: Not at present.

Q: May I carry somebody on the bike, a child for example?

A: No, because the bike has neither a back seat nor a front seat for child.

Q: Can I ride the bike into a scenic spot?

A: No, you may ride along the roads outside scenic spots only.

Q: Is there any age restriction for riders? Can primary or secondary school students or elderly people borrow the bikes?

A: For the sake of safety, only the tourists between the ages of 16-65 may rent the bikes.

Q: After I come out from a scenic spot and still want to ride a bike, do I have to borrow the same bike?

A: No, you may use any bike. Q: Are card application and return services available only at specific times? What do I do if I visit outside operating hours?

A: The services are available at 8:00-17:30. Beyond this time, you may return the bike, keep your card and receipt and get your deposit when you next visit Songjiang. Tips

■ After checking identification, the staff will fill out a borrowing form and issue you a receipt. Remember to take back your identification documents keep your receipt. To get back your deposit, you must show your receipt.

■ At present, there isn't any fixed bicycle lane on the road. Safety is the most important. You are recommended to ride on roadsides or on lawns.

■ If you have enough energy, you may ride along the route as far as Chenshan Botanical Garden. For most people, an optimal route is to Shanghai Sculpture Park and Happy Valley along Linyinxin Road. If you want to visit other scenic spots, you may take a free tourist coach.

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