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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Where is Shanghai Happy Valley?

Shanghai Happy Valley is inside the Songjiang Sheshan National Tourist Resort in the southwest of Shanghai. It is 40 kilometers from the downtown of Shanghai, 25km from Hongqiao International Airport and 68km from Pudong International Airport.

As one of major development projects of Shanghai in 2008, Happy Valley lies in the beautiful Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort and covers 86.35 hectares of land. The total investment is 1.52 billion yuan ($24,202,280). It is a tourist resort with multiple functions including tourism, leisure, conference, vacation and business.

How big is Shanghai Happy Valley?

What is its composition?

Happy Valley is China's first large modern theme park chain brand created by Overseas Chinese Town (OCT). Shanghai Happy Valley is one of its important members. Shanghai Happy Valley covers about 90 hectares of land. It consists of seven themed zones: Sunshine, Happy Hour, Shanghai Bund, Shangri-la, Ants Kingdom, Golden Mine Town and Typhoon Bay, and has more than 100 amusement and sightseeing items.

What facilities does Shanghai Happy Valley have?

It contains more than ten international high-tech top-class entertainment facilities. This includes China’s first magnificent wooden roller coaster, the Diving Coaster, costing 100 million yuan and falling vertically into water after it rotates to a height of 60m; the self-rotating Gyro Swing with a swing amplitude of 240 degrees; and the Space Shot and Turbo Dropl blasting off in the blink of an eye. The five venues include the OCT Theatre, Ants Castle, Caesars Palace, Storm Chaser and Flying Theatre that may accommodate more than 10,000 people to enjoy the fun and watch arts performances indoors.

How much is the ticket price for the Shanghai Happy Valley?

Children below 1.2m, men above 70 and women above 65 may enter the park free of a ticket. Otherwise, the ticket price is 200 yuan/person.

Who is suitable to visit Shanghai Happy Valley?

Happy Valley is a place of fun for whole families and suitable for all people regardless of gender and age. Young people may try the thrilling Wooden Coaster and Diving Coaster. Parents may bring their children to play in Ants Castle and enjoy the visual feast the 4D theatre provides. Several large indoor and outdoor performances are also presented, such as the large indoor circus show, outdoor movie and drama stunt show, large horse battle live-action epic show, and the floating parade.

Is there a medical facility in the Shanghai Happy Valley?

Shanghai Happy Valley provides basic medical assistance for tourists.

Are corporate cultural activities suitable in the Shanghai Happy Valley?

The Shanghai Happy Valley has sufficient equipment and venues for corporate cultural activities. The large Happy Theatre, equipped with advanced facilities, is suitable for enterprises to hold parties, commendation and reception activities. The numerous advanced and interesting recreational facilities are good choices for enterprises to cultivate the team spirit of employees and to hold outward bound activities. The beautiful ecological landscape provides an ideal place for enterprises to carry out outdoor activities. The fashionable and artistic shows enable enterprise employees to fully relax themselves after work.

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