Sculptures at Moon Lake Park

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Shanghai Sculpture Park, situated in the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort, is an artistic and landscape garden integrating modern sculpture, architectural art, natural scenery and humanistic landscapes with high-end leisure and fashion. Adhering to the development concept of "returning to nature and enjoying art", the park is a fantastic paradise on the earth. The park consists of Xiaoshe Mountain, Moon Lake and the land and has an area of 86.67 hectares. The 30.67 hectares Moon Lake is the center of the park. The land is divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter bank zones, each in a different style.

In the woods around the lake, nearly 60 sculpture treasures created by famous artists from all over the world are on display. This implies the beautiful rendezvous between nature and art and paving a new road for artistic and cultural sightseeing. Some works have profound and complex meanings and need to be thought over carefully. Most of the works in the park are made of granite and metal. This chapter will briefly introduce some granite sculpture works.

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