Song Pu Holiday Resort

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Song Pu Holiday Resort, located in the Sheshan National Tourist Resort and at the foot of the West Sheshan Mountain, covers 0.6 hectares of land.

After general upgrading and careful design by professional designers in 2007, the resort provides accommodation, catering, conference, entertainment and relaxation services. Its facilities are up to three-star standard and its layout is simple and humanistic. It creates a refined and elegant holiday atmosphere as a whole.

The resort has 49 rooms, including 29 standard rooms, five high-class standard rooms, eight single rooms, two high-class single rooms and four deluxe suites (including a villa, suitable for a team consisting of 8-10 people). The rooms are provided with free broadband access. Out of the window is the beautiful green She Mountain.

Address: No 2, Huanshan Road, Sheshan town, Songjiang district, Shanghai

Post code: 201602

Tel: 021-57653994

Fax: 021-57653996


Song Pu Holiday Resort
Song Pu Holiday Resort

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