Catholic Church

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Halfway up West Sheshan Mountain, there is a towering Catholic church. As early as 1844, French missionary Ningue Paul came to Sheshan to investigate the topography for the construction of a church. In 1863, Joseph Gonnet, the president of the International Society of Jesus built a five-room single-story house halfway up West Sheshan, as a resting place for missionaries.

A room containing the statue of our Lady, became the beginnings of the church. Later on, it was expanded many times. In 1894, it was as big as a church. It can accommodate more than 500 believers. On the two sides of the main entrance can be found a couplet.

The first line of the couplet is "the small hall is on the mountainside. Please stay for a while to learn the manners of a dutiful son". The second line is "the Basilica is at the top of the mountain. Please step up further to pray for the kindness of a loving mother".

In front of the church, there is an oval square, which may accommodate more than 1,000 people. When leaning against the railings, people can enjoy the scenes in all directions. On each ceremonial day, such as the Month of Mary, many people will visit here.

Catholic Church
Catholic Church

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