Jingzhe Way

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Jingzhe Way is also called Stations of the Cross (Via Dolorosa). From West Sheshan Church on the mountainside to Marian Basilica at the mountain top, there is a zigzag footpath.

At each turn, a picture of Jesus is displayed. There are 14 locations in total. They show the course of Jesus' crucifixion. These pictures carved in bricks describe how Jesus Christ did many things in order to save humanity and eliminate people's selfish desires, prejudices, jealousy and even murder, and persistent ailments.

Later he was arrested due to the betrayal of Judas. He was tried and persecuted by Pilate and finally was sentenced to death. Jesus was taken to the execution ground – Calvary – and was finally crucified.

The "Stations of the Cross" was built in 1870. At each station, there is a small pavilion of about 1 square meter. "Crucifix" is enshrined on the brick wall. When believers go up the mountain to pay homage, they must pass the "Stations of the Cross" to worship and show respect to Jesus Christ.

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