Bamboo Playground

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Situated at the northern foot of West Sheshan Mountain and to the west of Xiudaozhe Pagoda and covering more than 20,000 square meters of land, Bamboo Playground is a forest playground catering for leisure, entertainment, extreme challenge, exercise and bodybuilding for both the young and the old.

All entertainments such as "Eight Diagrams Labyrinth", "Grass Slide", "Long March" and "100m Hurdle Race" are new. They are safe and at the same time can calm one's physique and develop intelligence. There is also a water curtain macaque hill where you may expect to make contact with the timid macaques. The archery range tests your eyesight. The loach catching zone tests your vigilance and agility.

The double net beds are good places to rest. Trees are everywhere and pleasing to the eyes. In this natural oxygen bar with a surprisingly high anion content, you may either lie down, have a walk, sit, watch or think or do anything you like.

Bamboo Playground
Bamboo Playground

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