Light of Buddha in Tianmashan

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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China has three places famous for the light of Buddha. They are Emeishan, Huangshan and Tianmashan. The mysterious light of Buddha in Tianmashan has two wonders.

Firstly, the light of Buddha appears around Huzhu Pagoda. At dawn and dusk, when the sunlight penetrates the clouds with vapor, a colorful ring of light will be formed around the pagoda. It is rainbow colored and the shape is like a wheel. Secondly, the "mirage of pagodas" appears in fog.

According to the introduction in Zhou Zhongqi Pagoda Pilgrimage, the images of pagodas often surround the pagoda on foggy days. Local people say this pagoda is the king of pagodas, so there is the astronomical wonder "100 pagodas worship the pagoda". The peculiar light of Buddha brings about mystery and auspice and also attracts millions of worshipers.

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