Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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In order to receive numerous visitors after East Sheshan Park was made freely open to the public, and raise the reputation of the park in tourism and leisure, two service outlets were built on the western slope of the northern peak: Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse.

Forest Café is in the open air and has 20 kiosks where 80 people may drink tea or coffee at the same time. While drinking, people can enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. In winter, the wind is cold. Visitors may enter the Landscape Teahouse, which offers a warm space and tea. Beside it, there is a 20 meters high landscape tower. From it, people may look over the nine peaks and twelve mountains.

Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse
Forest Café and Landscape Teahouse

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