Xia Yunyi and Xia Wanchun's Tomb

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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After Xia Yunyi and his son Xia Wanchun, two heroes resisting the Qing army in the late Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), were sacrificed, they were buried at Dangwan village, 1.5 kilometers north of Xiaokunshan. Now it is a heritage site under the protection of Shanghai small Kunshan Mountain Park.

The cemetery covers 4 hectares of land and consists of a memorial archway, a stele pavilion and a tomb base. The stone tomb base is 2 meters high. The tomb coffin is in a semicircular shape. In 1951, the tomb was robbed and seals and books were scattered outside the tomb.

In 1955, Jiangsu Cultural Relic Management Committee renovated the cemetery and re-erected the gravestone built in the 51st year of Emperor Qianlong's reign. In 1961, the Shanghai Cultural Relic Management Committee set up a monument for them again and requested Mayor Chen Yi write an inscription: 1961, Xia Yunyi and Xia Wanchun's Tomb, inscribed by Chen Yi.

In 1982, Shanghai Cultural Relic Management Committee obtained funds to renovate it. Earth was filled in the cemetery, pine and cypress trees were planted, the original look was resumed, and the sign of "heritage site under the protection of Shanghai" was erected.

In 1999, a total-stone memorial archway and a stele pavilion were built. In the pavilion, a marble stele carved with their stories and deeds was erected as a permanent commemoration. They had achieved high literary attainment.

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