Inscription on a cliff

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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In the 1990s, tourists found an inscription on a cliff near Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Reading Platform in small Kunshan Mountain Park. The characters are simple and strong.

It has been proved by experts that it was not written by any modern person. After further study by experts and repeated comparison with the handwritings of famous calligraphers since the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), they finally discovered the script is similar to the handwriting of literary master Su Dongpo in the Song Dynasty(960-1279).

The signature at left bottom is "Zi Zhan" (courtesy name of Su Shi). Later on, the calligraphers born in Songjiang carefully studied the inscription and the experts and scholars studying the history of the Song Dynasty were consulted with. In the end, it is confirmed that the inscription was from Su Shi. This indicates Su Shi indeed had been to the area of the nine peaks in Songjiang. The nine peaks were rather famous in the Song Dynasty.

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