Small Kunshan Mountain Park

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Small Kunshan Mountain is located in the northwest of Songjiang district. It is 55 meters high and covers 500 acres of land. It is at the southernmost tip of the nine peaks.

As the mountain used to be Kunshan, which is the same as a mountain in Jiangsu province, people renamed it Small Kunshan Mountain. It is high in the south and low in the north and has a northern peak and a southern peak. The whole mountain is in the shape of an "8".

As the northern peak bears a strong resemblance to the head of a lying ox, local people also commonly call it Niutoushan. The scenic spot has Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage and Reading Platform, Nine Peaks Temple, an inscription on a cliff, Drive Way of the First Emperor of Qin, Xia Yunyi and Xia Wanchun's Tomb and other attractions.

Small Kunshan Mountain Park
Small Kunshan Mountain Park

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