Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Reading Platform

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Lu Ji and Lu Yun are the grandsons of Governor Lu Xun and Admiral Lu Kang of the Kingdom of Wu in the Three Kingdom Period(AD 220-280). They were influential writers and calligraphers in the Western Jin Dynasty(AD 265-316). Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Reading Platform, also known as Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage, is situated at the southern foot of Tianmashan.

Qian Sizhou in the Ming Dynasty built Liangjun Ancestral Hall and a study platform to the west of the temple. After the Kingdom of Wu perished, Lu Ji and Lu Yun built a humble cottage in Ganshan (Tianmashan), studied behind closed doors and created many excellent literary works. Lu Ji's Wen Fu is recognized as China's first monograph for the theory of literature and art and had great influence on Liu Xie's creation of the Wen Xin Diao Long.

His Pingfu Tie (Letter of Recovery) is China's earliest calligraphy and has immeasurable influence on calligraphy in later generations. His younger brother Lu Yun was clever and fond of learning and could read Lun Yu and Shi Jing at five years old and write compositions at six years old.

Lu Ji and Lu Yun died from the political struggle in the Western Ji Dynasty. In order to commemorate them, people in Huating named two mountains in the nine peaks as "Jishan" and "Hengyunshan".

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