Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage in small Kunshan Mountain Park is a compound consisting of two buildings symmetric on the south and north, a gatehouse made of carved bricks and a courtyard.

In the houses, there are pictures of Lu Ji and Lu Yun, Lu Ji's Pinfu Tie (a copy) and Wen Fu as well as Lu Ji's famous quotations. Under the sculpture of "Huangting Heli", there is the calligraphy of former NPC Vice Chairman Fei Xiaotong. Their residence no longer existed by the Tang Dynasty(AD 618-907). Poets and literary men have renovated it many times, but it was destroyed in warfare.

In 2002, Songjiang district government appropriated a special financial fund to build and restore Lu Ji and Lu Yun's Humble Cottage on the original site. The reading platform is at the foot of a slope of the former Sizhou Pagoda Complex (Nine Peaks Temple).

It is on flat ground 24 meters long and 8m wide, as if carved artificially. Behind the platform, there is a 6 meters high cliff. According to legend, after the Kingdom of Wu perished, Lu Ji and Lu Yun lived in seclusion in their hometown small Kunshan Mountain, studied behind closed doors and created many excellent literary works.

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