Shanghai Sheshan Youth Camp

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Updated: 2012-05-17

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Located at No 506, Huanshan Road at the southern foot of West Sheshan Mountain, the Camp was established in July 1983.

Initially, it covered 2.2 hectares of land and had a building area of more than 3,300 square meters. Later on, it was expanded and the building area was increased to 4,543 sq m. It is China's first after-school education institution in the field. The Camp is managed by the Shanghai Work Committee for Women and Children and administered by the Shanghai Women's Federation.

The Camp has four student dormitory buildings, an office building, guestrooms, a multifunction auditorium and other related facilities. Activities with more than 400 students may be held in the campsite in the same period.

The Camp makes full use of its popularity in the national educational sector. It has received more than one million students from over 2,000 schools as well as guests from all parts of the world. The Camp adheres to the concept of student orientation and organizes flexible and novel activities in coordination with program reform in the second phase, such as: week camp, 3-day camp, summer camp, juvenile policy training school, winter camp and family camp.

The life on the campsite is rich and mainly includes eight activities: national defense education, scientific education, self-service, family education, countryside activities, growth activities, life education, and eco-civilization.

The Camp always aims to benefit the public, considers cultivating teenagers to grow healthily and happily as its priority, and is gradually developing itself into a high-quality public service platform for teenagers. It has won the excellent team prize of "China Youth Social Education Ginkgo Award" granted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Civilization Office of the Central Communist Party Committee, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the State General Administration of Sports, the All-China Women's Federation and China Association for Science and Technology in 2005, the title of a safe organization in Shanghai in 2007, and the title of an advanced organization for greening in Shanghai in 2008.

It was selected as a practice base by the Leading Group for China Citizenship and Moral Development Program, Shanghai Youth Center of Science & Technology Education, Xinputuo Primary School and the Fifth Detachment of Shanghai Armed Police Corps of the Chinese Armed Police Force.

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