Plan for the core area of Sheshan National Tourist Resort

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Updated: 2012-05-21

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After expert appraisal on Sept 28, 1996, the scheme designed by Southeast University stood out from four schemes.

On Sept 30, 1999, the Plan for the Core Area of Sheshan National Tourist Resort was implemented under the approval of the Shanghai Planning Bureau.

Planning scope and land: The project reaches Fangsong Highway in the east, Shenzhuang Highway in the south, Sichen Highway in the north and Chenshantang in the west. The total area is 10.88 square kilometers. East Sheshan Mountain, West Sheshan Mountain, Tianma Mountain, Xiaokun Mountain, Heng Mountain, Chen Mountain, Zhongjia Mountain and other mountains, with a total area of 12.95 square kilometers, are included in the total area. The planned land for mountains is 76 hectares, the planned land for bodies of water is 130 hectares, the land for greenery is 470 hectares, the land for public buildings is 114 hectares, the land for holiday facilities is 158 hectares, the land for roads is 92 hectares, the reserved land is 48 hectares, and the total land for use is 1088 hactares.

The core area mainly caters for cultural exhibitions, tourist services and commercial entertainment. A green protection circle will be formed, mainly including densely planted green belts 50 meters from the inner side and outer side of Sichen Highway and Shenzhuang Highway and 100 meters from the inner side and outer side of Jiasong Highway.

The resort has five zones. The natural landscape zone: a land are of 76ha, with the principal part being East She Mountain, West She Mountain, Xue Mountain, Fengkuang Mountain and other mountains and the space formed by their surrounding areas. On-water tourist zone: an area of 245.3 hectares formed by the main attraction - an artificial lake "Moon Lake" and the open space on the lakeside. Tourist and holiday zone: a land area of 350.4 hectares consisting of two parts; one part is in the natural landscape zone in the northwest and the other part is to the southeast of Linyin Road, and is a villa zone providing leisure holiday services for the public. Sports zone: a 124.9 hectares recreational area mainly composed of a large golf course built at the northeastern corner of the core area. Business villa zone: the 291.4 hectares high-class villa zone will be developed and formed in the east and southwest of the core area.

In addition, efforts will be made to promptly complete the controlling plan of the connecting area between Sheshan National Tourist Resort and the new universitytown. In addition, more forest parks will be developed.

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