Exclusive bicycle lanes

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Updated: 2012-05-21

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In the core area of Sheshan National Tourist Resort, bicycle lanes will be built or rebuilt.

Specifically speaking, the road around Sheshan Mountain will be modified into a 1.6 kilometers long exclusive bicycle road; 13.5km long exclusive bicycle lanes will be built on Linyinxin Road, Linlv Road, Linye Road, Linhu Road, Jiasong Highway and Shenzhuang Highway. Shetiankun Highway, Waiqingsong Highway, Shebei Highway, Taoyuan Road and Shexin Road will be rebuilt to form exclusive bicycle lanes, 9.8km long in total. After completion, the bicycle lanes will link all major scenic spots, and provide another convenient, safe and environment-friendly means of travel and a green and healthy choice of exercise.

Exclusive bicycle lanes
Exclusive bicycle lanes

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