Master plan for Sheshan National Tourist Resort

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Updated: 2012-05-21

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On May 27, 1996, the executive meeting of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government deliberated and approved the Strategic Plan for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort and the Master Plan (Outline) for Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

1. Goal of planning: attach importance to mountains, supplement them with waters and return them to nature. Integrate tourism, leisure, entertainment, food, shopping, religious pilgrimage, science education and business conferences.

2. Scope of planning: Reach Fangsong Highway in the east, No 5120 National Highway in the west, Guangfulin Road in the south and Sichen Highway and its boundary in the north, with a planned controlling area of 64.08 square kilometers and a planned land use area of 45.99 square kilometers.

3. Planned functional division: there are six parts, including the "core area", four characteristic tourist areas, eco-environment construction area, town area, tourist product processing and appreciation area, and planned controlling area. The core area is the principal part of Sheshan National Tourist Resort. It integrates entertainment, and religious pilgrimage with science education, and is suitable for tourism, business and administrative management. The four characteristic tourist areas are Tianma Mountain Tourist Area, Heng Mountain Tourist Area, Xiaokun Mountain Tourist Area and Beigan Mountain Tourist Area.

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