Sheshan Mountain Historical Site

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Updated: 2012-05-21

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In August 1961, when the Shanghai Cultural Relic Management Committee and local cultural authority investigated the cultural relics in the area of Sheshan Mountain, they discovered a tomb built in the Han Dynasty (202 BC~ 220 AD) at the foot of a slope off East Sheshan Mountain.

The tomb is in south-north direction. The buried items and human bones in the tombs were all decayed away. The buried items are vases, pots, jars and other potteries. In 1962, hard pottery pieces with impressed patterns under the category of Qijiadun in the late Eastern Zhou Period (770~256 BC) were discovered in the cross section of the ditch in a bamboo grove and inside the farmland at the northwestern foot of the East Sheshan Mountain. The patterns mainly include the diagonal trellis pattern, rice sieve pattern, union jack pattern and small check.

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