History of Zhongjia Mountain

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Updated: 2012-05-23

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To the northeast of Tianma Mountain and facing Lushan Mountain, it is 39.2 meters above sea level. Its circumference is about 1km. Its area is about 6.6 hecares. Its former name is Shouan Mountain.

In the Tang Dynasty (AD 618~907), two people surnamed, Zhong and Jia, respectively, lived in seclusion here, so the people in that period called the mountain Zhongjia Mountain. As it is amidst the nine peaks, it is also called Zhongjie Mountain.

In the south of the mountain, there was Yuqing Temple and Shouan Temple, which were very famous. In Shouan Temple, there was Xiyun Building, Banyun Pavilion, Xinyuan Hall and other attractions. None of them exists today.

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