Travelogue: Love for the nine peaks

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Updated: 2012-06-20

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When I drove up the bridge, the corners of my eyes told me there was a beautiful scene coming in the distance. When I looked at the north, dim peaks towered. I pulled over my car in order to have a clearer look.

Although I am a native of Songjiang, I had never seen this scene before due to the recently implemented traffic network. In the past, it was more time consuming to visit the nine peaks.

To small Kunshan Mountain, Hengshan Mountain and Tianma Mountain, you must go along the old Songzheng Highway to the southwest of the county seat. It took a half hour to reach there by car. The shortest route to Sheshan Mountain is to make a detour along Jiasong Highway to the northeast of the county seat.

By now, the opening of the new town, the university city and the extension of North Renmin Road and Longyuan Road shorten the distance between cities and mountains. In the past, you could visit only one of the nine peaks in one tour. Fenghuang Mountain is like a phoenix flying in the sky and is densely covered with green trees.

The scene seen only on the Internet and books appeared before my eyes. The nine peaks are like emeralds in various sizes, and are arranged in a large classical tray. They stretch from northeast to southwest and form a graceful "S" curve.

I believed it is a gift bestowed to Shanghai by God, and the mountain serves as the "roots" of the landscape resources at the Sheshan resort. This is the reason why Sheshan is a national tourist resort.

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