Travelogue: Linyin Road in the spring breeze

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Updated: 2012-06-20

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Each week, I find time to visit Sheshan Mountain by driving onto the viaduct from downtown Shanghai and speeding along the Huqingping Expressway. Perhaps tired of the urban hubbub, when I drive on the expressway, my mind reaches Sheshan Mountain. The familiar sight of Sheshan Mountain soothes and comforts me.

I like the driving route: turning left at Sheshan exit on A9, going straight along South Jiasong Road, turning right when reaching Linyin Road, driving along Linyin Road and enjoying the intoxicating scenery on the roadside. Mountains, waters and vegetation are enough to me.

Occasionally, I may see someone sitting quietly on the riverside with a fishing rod in his hand and waiting impatiently for fish to swallow the bait. I wonder why he fishes in a small stream instead of a fish pond. Perhaps he is a fishing mater, or perhaps he is imagining his paradise while gazing at the flowing water.

At the eastern end of Linyin Road are villas, clubs, the Moon Lake Resort, a golf course and a golf club that is covered with trees and heavily guarded. They are high-class private venues for accommodation, entertainment and relaxation. The middle section is Happy Valley, which is being built in full swing. The Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park with spring, summer, autumn and winter banks, bears the charm of the four seasons, and is a public entertainment venue for art and culture. The western end is a villa zone.

Dongzi Garden is in the heart of Sheshan Mountain and flanks out to the south of Linyin Road. The "Shang Pin Xuan" wooden signboard opposite to Dongzi Garden is attractive. A path leads to a unique teahouse and when you sit down in the spacious and bright teahouse, the natural environment greets you.

Walking in Sheshan Mountain, walking on a tree-line road and walking in spring, I'd like to stay near the gentle river, the mountain and the serene landscape.

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