Travelogue: I love my hometown

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Updated: 2012-06-20

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I often stand in the constellation square at the top of West Sheshan Mountain, look into the distance and watch the large car park and the imposing gatehouse.

At present, Sheshan Mountain is Shanghai's only national tourist resort and an AAAA national forest park. It also becomes a public welfare park, open to the public free of ticket. The high-class amusement facilities, Happy Valley, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Moon Lake and five-star hotel, Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai, have all started operation.

A free tourist bus route runs through the entire resort. The nine peaks enjoy the reputation of the root of Shanghai and Xanadu. The environment "highlighted by mountains, supplemented by waters and combining mountains and waters" is further improved, forming Shanghai's sole unique landscape.

This is my home, my hometown that I love very much. I love her profoundness and I love her classical beauty. The scenery of my hometown is the life of my hometown. It does not have the flourish of a city but is beautiful and charming in its own way.

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