Dong Qichang's Wanluan Cottage

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Updated: 2012-06-20

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It is an ink- washed painting on paper, 111.3 cm high and 36.8 cm wide, created by Dong Qichang at 43 years of age in the 25th year of Emperor Wanli's reign in the Ming Dynasty (AD 1597). He set out in September, passed Longyou and Hangzhou of Zhejiang and arrived at Songjiang in October. Wanluan Cottage built by his friend Chen Jiru in small Kunshan Mountain was completed, so he went to small Kunshan Mountain in spite of his fatigue and created this painting.

This painting combines a free and realistic style representative of work created by Dong Qichang in his early life. The painting is currently part of a collection in New York, the United States.

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