Ziyuan Hotel (former Huchang Resort)

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Updated: 2015-03-16

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Located at the foot of the West Sheshan Mountain and to the south of Waiqingsong Highway, the hotel covers 0.9 hectares of land.

Its predecessor, Huchang Resort, was built with the joint investment of the Shanghai Hu Chang Special Steel Co, Ltd and Sheshan town's Chenfangqiao Group, totaling 18.1 million yuan ($ 2.9 million). The hotel started operation in August 1995. It consists of nine villas with unique style and has 18 deluxe guestrooms, 27 ordinary guestrooms and 110 beds.

It won the annual title of a champion and safe hotel in Shanghai in 1996. After capital transfer in 2002, Huchang Resort was contracted and became Ziyuan Hotel.

Address: No 9032, Waiqingsong Highway

Tel: 021-57651777

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