Sheshan Rural Home Inn

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Updated: 2015-03-16

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Taoyuan Farm

Located in Sheshan Xinzhen village, Sheshan Taoyuan Farm mainly serves farming dishes. Chicken raised by farmers themselves and eggs are available here. Specialties like Taoyuan chicken, Zhangze mutton and fried eggs with cedrela sinensis of the farm are quite popular among dinners.

Address: N0 318 Jiujiang Road Xinzhen Village Sheshan Town (five hundred meters right to the crossroad of Shenzhuan Road and Jiujiang Road)

Telephone: 021—57667577

Sheshan Rural Home Inn
Taoyuan Farm


Yue Hu Zhen Restaurant

Yue Hu Zhen Restaurant faces Sheshan Boulevard, while in the back of it is Yue Hu. Being simple and limpid, the dining hall is a comfortable and ideal place for dinning together. The dining hall of Yue Hu Zhen Restaurant is divided into two floors. The first floor is an open hall, with four-people square tables and six-people sofa round tables. Stairs wind up to the second floor, in which there are seven elegant compartments. The whole dining hall is capable for 240 guests to have dinner at the same time. Holding the principle of "delicacy and tasty, delicious and cheap", the restaurant creates new farming dishes with good color, fragrance and taste for Shanghai residents. And with all the materials of wild plants and animals, the restaurant aims to cook the greenest, healthiest and the most environmental-protecting food.

Address: N0 1158 Linyin New Road Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Telephone: 021—57798381

Sheshan Rural Home Inn

Yue Hu Zhen Restaurant


Huidinglou Hotel

Located at New Leisure Square in Chenfangqiao of Taoyuan Road Sheshan Town, Huidinglou owns five deluxe private rooms and ten mid-range private rooms. The hotel mainly serves river food and seafood mixed with Shanghai, Guangzhou and Sichuan new concept cuisines.

Address: No 8928 Waiqingsong Road Sheshan Town Songjiang district

Telephone: 021—37002777

Sanpinxiang Dishes Restaurant

Sanpinxiang Dishes Restaurant mainly serves new Shanghai cuisine dishes, with specialties of steamed chicken, self-made gluten, Indian Roti Prata, corrugated iron eggplant and so on. With quite and elegant surroundings, it is suitable for friends and relatives' get-togethers, and family gatherings.

Address: N0 371 Taoyuan Road Sheshan Town Songjiang district

Telephone: 021—57659997

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