Sheshan Rural Home Inn

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Updated: 2015-03-16

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Chef's Home-cooked Cuisine Restaurant

Address: N0 860 Qianxin Road Sheshan Town Songjiang district

Telephone: 021—57658677


Songlv Restaurant

Address: N0 698 West Taoyuan Road, Sheshan town

Telephone: 021—57650077


Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop was located on the "Autumn" Shore of Yuhu Lake. Using large areas of glasses, guests can have a whole view of the wonderful scenery of the lake. Tasting a cup of coffee and several delicate western dim sums is the best choice to enjoy the time after lunch. The chefs of western food make all kinds of tasty western foods. Besides, there are varieties of tea and cookies in the café to satisfy different needs.

Address: "Autumn" Shore of Yuehu Lake Shanghai Sculpture Park N0 1158 Boulevard New Road, Songjiang district, Shanghai city

Telephone: 021—57798090

Sheshan Rural Home Inn
Coffee Shop



Shangpinxuan stands in a quiet place of the Boulevard. With birds singing and flowers' fragrance around, it owns an elegant environment for dinning. The restaurant mainly serves Shanghai cuisine dishes, Guangdong dishes, river food, delicate handmade dishes and Japanese hot pot. It is a wonderful place to rest and talk, to have tea and simple food.

Address: N0 1358 Boulevard Sheshan National Tourist Resort

Telephone: 021—57799858

Sheshan Rural Home Inn

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