Chenshan Botanical Garden

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Updated: 2015-09-14

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The Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai features beautiful landscapes that are integrated with scientific research.

The Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Chinese Academy of Sciences and State Forestry Administration had been funding the ecological construction project, which is listed in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of Shanghai for National Economic and Social Development.

Chenshan Botanical Garden
Chenshan Botanical Garden

Located in Songjiang District, with an area of 207 hectares (2,070,000 square meters), construction was launched in March 2007. It opened to the publicon April 26, 2010. The Conservatory was completed on Jan 23, 2011. It was laid out with 26 special gardens such as the Conservatory, Quarry Garden, Blind's Garden, Aquatic Garden, and Rock Garden and Medicinal Plants Garden. Featured plant collections come from East China.

9,000 distinctive plant species were collected such as the magnoliaceae, roseceae, cerasus, malus mill, iris, aquatic plants, xeric plants, herb plants, economic plants, as well as rare and endangered plants.

Since it's opening, the garden has received many domestic and foreign tourists, including more than 300 peers for academic exchanges.

The Chenshan Botanical Garden has bloomed into a window for Shanghai and its local botanical technology and culture.

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