Shanghai Happy Valley

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Updated: 2015-09-14

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Shanghai Happy Valley is part of a corporate brand that includes Shenzhen Happy Valley, Beijing Happy Valley and Chengdu Happy Valley.

A large-scale theme park with beautiful scenery and advanced technology had been built.

Shanghai Happy Valley
Shanghai Happy Valley

The park runs a wooden coaster called, "First Ancestor of Roller Coasters," diving coaster called, "King of Roller Coasters," an internationally advanced 4K Souring Dragon in HD and many other rides.

Its "Happy Wonders" venue showcases a circus, acrobatics and magic, magnificent war of horse real show called, "The River All Red".

An outdoor film, "Shanghai Bund" creates interaction with audiences. Other multi-functional indoor venues include the Ants Kingdom.

Shanghai Happy Valley hopes all visitors can enjoy a smiling adventure.

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