Three Saint Pavilions

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Updated: 2015-09-14

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To the west of the square of West Sheshan Mountain Church, there are three pavilions, namely: Sacred Heart of Jesus Pavilion, Virgin Mary Pavilion and St. Joseph Pavilion. They are collectively called the "Three Saint Pavilions". The three pavilions are all made of stone and finely carved.

The Virgin Mary Pavilion in the middle enshrines a statue of the Virgin Mary. St. Joseph Pavilion (Joseph used to be a carpenter and later became the adoptive father of Jesus) in the east enshrines a statue of Jesus. Jesus Pavilion in the west enshrines a statue of Jesus.

Believers often chant the Bible in front of the three pavilions. On the day of Our Lady and other festivals, the scene is even grander. Three Saint Pavilions is reckoned to be the most appreciable attraction in West Sheshan .

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