West Sheshan Mountain Park

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Updated: 2015-09-14

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Among the nine peaks, West Sheshan Mountain is famous for its richest natural scenery and cultural resources. The mountain is 97.2 meters high and has more than 323.7 hectares of mountain forests.

The park has Xiudaozhe Pagoda, Observatory, Marian Basilica, Jingzhe Way, Catholic Church, Three Saint Pavilions, Monastery, Bamboo Playground, Xixin (Heart-cleaning) Spring, Century Bell Tower, Longjing Tea Garden and other attractions.

Xiudaozhe Pagoda, also known as Yueying (Moon Shadow) Pagoda, is at the northern foot of the eastern slope of West Sheshan. Built during the Taipingxingguo Period of the Northern Song Dynasty (976-984), it is a seven-story octagonal brick-wood structure and 20m high.

The pagoda is tall and slim. On each floor, there is a north door and a south door, which are mutually accessible. According to legend, on the mountain there was a nunnery called "Chao Yin" (literally "Tide Sound") (it got this name as the water of Taihu Lake could be heard late at night).

During the construction of the pagoda, a monk called "Xiu" personally participated in its construction. After the pagoda was completed, he thought his virtuous achievements had come to a successful conclusion and burnt himself. People then named the pagoda "Xiudaozhe Pagoda" (literally "Monk Xiu's Pagoda").

Over more than 1,000 years, it withstood harsh weathers, earthquakes, wars and fires. However, due to poor repairs, the eaves, pedestal and corridor were all damaged and the pagoda inclined, too. In 1997, Songjiang county People's Government set up an expert panel.

They examined pertinent documents and interviewed insiders. The government spent about one million yuan on a major renovation of the pagoda according to its original condition to resume its original look. Now it is a heritage site under the protection of the Shanghai Municipal Government.

West Sheshan Mountain Park
West Sheshan Park

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