Sheshan unveils green tourism plan

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Updated: 2016-11-03

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Better public transport links, more forest coverage and a new network of footpaths were among the measures included in Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort's plan to transform the famous scenic spot into a green tourism destination.

Sheshan unveils green tourism plan

Sheshan plans to create a public ferry service linking the resort to nearby towns by river. [Photo/wechat: sheshanlvyou]

Three new footpaths along Shenzhuan Road, Longyuan Road and Guangfulin Road will be established to allow visitors to travel around Sheshan on foot, and these paths will also be extended to the nearby Songjiang University Town to attract more college students to visit.

Sheshan will also make efforts to create a greenbelt connecting the scenic spots around Sheshan, Chenshan and Tianma Mountain. The goal is that 35 percent of the three resorts will be covered by forest by 2020.

The resort has pledged to emphasize the harmony between local culture and the natural environment during the upcoming development project.

By doing this, Sheshan hopes to replicate the success of its Guangfulin Historical Site Project, which recreated the legendary ancient town of Guangfulin. The project was undertaken nine years ago, and has been widely praised for managing smoothly to blend the project's architecture with the surrounding landscape.

Sheshan unveils green tourism plan

The Guangfulin Relic Park has been widely praised for its design, which blends naturally with the surrounding environment. [Photo/wechat: sheshanlvyou]

Other scenic spots at Sheshan will be renovated along similar lines, including Sheshan Observatory.

Another key target set out in the plan is creating a more convenient public transportation system integrating subway, bus, tram, water bus and bicycle links to connect every single scenic spot at Sheshan.

A public ferry linking Sheshan to the newly constructed Songjiang New City by river is also in the pipeline.

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