Floral note to get about vibrant colors in season

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Updated: 2017-05-19

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Floral note to get about vibrant colors in season

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is a wonderland of colors as species of flowering plants can always be found there according to changing seasons. [Photo from WeChat: csnbgsh]

Below we have a list of the flowers that are originally planted in China as you can find during May in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden. Common spotted Chinese roses, fragrant jasmine flowers, and paeonia blossoms should all start making an appearance in May and you may even find them growing in your own back garden.

Floral note to get about vibrant colors in season

Paeonia lactiflora is commonly known as Chinese peony. This stunning herbaceous woodland peony has upright red-mottled stems and dark green leaves that are elliptic or lance-shaped with rough margins, and bears usually solitary, single creamy white to pale pink blossoms that are cup-shaped and elegant and flowers in early summer. It has been grown in China since the 7th century for appreciation of its ornamental flowers. [Photo from WeChat: csnbgsh]

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