Sheshan builds Spanish-style castle

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Updated: 2017-11-01

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Sheshan builds Spanish-style castle

Shanghai Gleetour Hotel is designed to resemble a Spanish castle. The hotel is located in Shanghai Happy Valley in Shanghai's Songjiang district. [Photo provided to]

A corner of Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is gradually coming to resemble an estate in sunny Andalucia, as the new Spanish-style Gleetour Hotel nears completion.

The beautiful four-star resort is set to open in Sheshan resort, Shanghai's Songjiang district in December.

Designed by a German team, the Gleetour Hotel will cover 35,000 square meters and will offer 293 guest rooms on four floors.

Based on the elegant Islamic-influenced architecture of southern Spain, the hotel  will offer visitors an authentic experience of Spanish culture, with in-house restaurants serving delicious paella, tapas and fine rioja.

The hotel also provides a huge range of entertainment options in its 100-square-meter commercial zone, with a VR experience room, themed products, a candy store, interactive classroom, play area and e-sports room. There are also two meeting rooms for business conferences.

To the northwest of the hotel, there is a 3,000-square-meter outdoor sports zone, including youth outdoors training, sports leisure facilities, a family farm and petting zoo.

The Gleetour Hotel is not the only European-style resort currently planned to open in Sheshan Tourist Resort.

The hotel will eventually form part of Dreamy Europe Team, a 120,000-square-meter hotel complex providing 10,000 guest rooms, which Shanghai Overseas Chinese Town plans to build over the next three-to-five years.

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