Sheshan resort a national year-round sports tourism destination

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Updated: 2017-11-30

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Sheshan resort a national year-round sports tourism destination

The first X-Fly Drone Racing International Open takes place in Shanghai Sheshan Tourist Resort from Nov 18-19. [Photo provided to]

Drone racing was developed in the United States in 2014. Operators have to wear virtual- reality glasses to control their machines. The drones, fl ying at speeds reaching 280 kilometers per hour, have to go through various arches, dodge flags and skirt other obstacles. Those who reach the end in the fastest manner are the winners. The largest drone racing event was held in Dubai in spring 2016.

China's drone racing has become popular in recent years with an increasing number of players, clubs and groups. X-Fly is one of the well-known brands among racing drone players.

 "X-Fly is a domestic-grown brand that sets out to develop drone racing contests to be more professional, standardized and commercialized," said Qin Song, general manager of Funtastic Aviation Technology Co, one of the organizers of the X-Fly Drone Racing International Open.

City resident Wang Li, who visited the Shanghai Sculpture Park on Nov 18 with his young child, said he was a convert to the sport.

"It's the first time I've learned about drone racing. It is really an exciting experience," Wang added.

 "It also offers me a good chance to teach my kid more about drones."

The resort has issued plans to promote drone-related activities in the region after the contest, to support the development of related industries.

Funtastic Aviation Technology, based in the resort, has staged training programs and exhibitions.

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