Chenshan Botanical Garden to launch natural education courses

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Updated: 2018-01-15

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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, the national base for scientific education , is to launch a series of natural courses to promote children's awareness.

The training course for natural experience to be launched from Jan to May is open to pupils from grades one to three. The park elaborately organized five 180-minute nature practice courses with different themes, Inspiration of a seed, I have a date with a bird, Spring story, Aks for leaves, and Wetland plants on the dining table.

The practice course aims to provide children an effective way to learn about the biological diversity and stimulate children’s love and protection towards the environment and nature. It also cultivates children’s hand-on work, team work, as well as logical thinking ability and return children to a green nature environment.

To book the course, please scan the QR code:

Chenshan Botanical Garden to launch natural education courses

QR code of Chenshan Botanical Garden Official Account.[Photo provided to]

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