Sheshan Specialties

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Updated: 2018-04-02

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Royal Spicy Pig's Hoof (Dazhong International Conference Hotel)

Being the specialty of Dazhong International Conference Hotel, Royal Spicy Pig's Hoof is ordered in every feast. Choosing the best pig's forehoof as raw material, only after eight procedures which includes marinating and stewing can the dish be completed. During marinating, dozens of spices like anise, fennel, cedronella, dry red pepper, round cardamom are used. Then after several hours'stewing with soft fire, and deboning, the dish can finally be finished.

Sheshan Specialties
Dazhong International Conference Hotel and Royal Spicy Pig's Hoof

Shrimp Seeds and Bamboo Shoots (Lan Sun Mountain Villa)

Shrimp Seeds and Bamboo Shoots is the specialty of Lan Sun Mountain Villa. It is completed by the specialty of Sheshan-"Lanhuasun"(bamboo shoots in spring) stir-fried with shrimp seeds.

Sheshan Specialties
Lan Sun Mountain Villa and Shrimp Seeds and Bamboo Shoots

Fresh Shepherds' Purse Balls (Sheshan Forest Hotel)

It is made with local bitter cress, clam meat and chopped pork heart.

Features: fragrant, fresh, tasty.

Sheshan Specialties
Sheshan Forest Hotel and Fresh Shepherds' Purse Balls

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