Amazing Chinese rose wall in Chenshan dazzles visitors

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Updated: 2018-05-08

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As temperatures rise, the Chinese rose Chenshan Botanical Garden has entered its viewing season by submerging a 600 meter wall in an amazing pink flower sea.

This kind of Chinese rose, named "Angela", is a type of Floribunda rose cultivated in Germany. It blooms in a small cluster of flowers with cute pink buds and a faint aroma of fruit.

Chenshan Botanical Garden has introduced and cultivated "Angela" roses, which is one of the most widely-grown climbing roses, for eight years. It features numerous buds, wider coverage and resistance to drought and low temperature, which is well-adapted to the climate of Shanghai.

Amazing Chinese rose wall in Chenshan dazzles visitors

Numerous Chinese roses cover the wall presenting an amazing view for visitors. [Photo/]

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