Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel

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Updated: 2018-08-01

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The three-star Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel was constructed in the mountains, which covers more than 32 hectares and located half way up the East Sheshan Mountain, at the Sheshan National Forest Park, which is a three-minute walk from the bus station, 35 kilometers from Shanghai Railway Station and a 30-minutes drive to the Hongqiao Airport.

Xujiahui is 30 minutes from downtown by car. The hotel operates seven buildings, as well as villa rooms, a VIP floor, 93 rooms, 167 beds that include a luxury apartment and standard double rooms.

Other rooms include restaurants, dance halls, auditorium, saunas, rooms for card games and chess, tennis courts. Conference rooms host business and academic research meetings.

The hotel is an ideal place to spend the holidays.

Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel
Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel

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