Sheshan National Tourist Resort remaining popular

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Updated: 2019-07-17

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For more than two decades, the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort has been a major entertainment and leisure destination in Shanghai, giving visitors the opportunity to return to nature and experience the unique local culture.

Founded in 1995, the 64-square-kilometer resort is one of the youngest and largest among the 30 national tourist resorts in China. The wide variety of accommodation, entertainment and attractions make it one of the most popular destinations for families.

The Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park, on the slopes of Sheshan Mountain, is suitable for hikers and nature lovers wanting to take a break from city life and immerse themselves in the green landscape. The forest features caves, pools, steep cliffs, temples, plants and wild birds.

 Sheshan National Tourist Resort remaining popular

Clockwise from top: Panorama of the Guangfulin cultural exhibition museum. Night scene of Shanghai Happy Valley. Visitors having fun at Happy Valley. The Shimao Wonderland InterContinental Quarry Hotel was built in an 88-meter-deep abandoned quarry. Provided To China Daily

Shanghai Sculpture Park has more than 80 specially designed sculptures standing along the bank of an artificial lake. The sculptures embody the power of nature and promote the message of environmental protection.

Chenshan Botanical Garden, co-built by the Shanghai municipal government, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the then National Forestry Administration, aims to study and promote knowledge of different plant species among the public. It has 26 gardens, including a medicinal plant garden, dye plant garden, rare plant garden, aquatic plant garden and a plant maze.

For families wanting to give their children a thrill, Shanghai Happy Valley, a leading theme park brand, and Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park in the resort are ideal options.

The resort also has an auto-drome, a golf club, an observatory, a children's camping area and a countryside park.

New facilities open

In early 2018, a brand-new attraction - Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, opened to the public showcasing historic relics from the late Neolithic Age in China. The relics belong to Songze Culture and Liangzhu Culture, and are important representations of early urban civilization in ancient China.

Some 20 exhibitions display how people in Shanghai used to live, as well as their history and culture. Over 9,000 square meters of relics are underwater, which has become a highlight of the attraction. The parts beneath the water are historical objects not yet excavated.

More facilities, such as hotels and restaurants at the sites, will be opened soon. There is even a parking lot for 800 cars below the water level.

Shimao Wonderland InterContinental Quarry Hotel, built in an 88-meter-deep abandoned quarry, opened in November 2018. It has 17 floors, more than 300 rooms and dining and entertainment facilities. Guests can view the crags and rocky outcrops from the rooms, whose design adopts natural elements such as waterfalls and seabeds.

There is a lake at the bottom of the quarry, and unlike normal hotels, the most luxurious suite and an aquatic-themed restaurant are located on the two lowest floors - underwater. There is also a sightseeing platform on the opposite side of a 60-meter waterfall where visitors can take in the whole view of the stunning structure.

National Geographic Channel's Megastructures TV series filmed the whole process of the hotel's construction. The show was broadcast in more than 200 countries and regions.

Sheshan National Tourist Resort remaining popular

The Gleetour Hotel Shanghai features rooms with a Western style, such as that of Spain and maritime theme. It has more than 100 family rooms for two adults and two children each.

The restaurants provide local specialties, such as preserved pork chops, goose, duck and chicken, stewed fish and eggs, egg dumplings and beef with sour soup.

After visiting the resort, tourists can return home with some local gifts, including Sheshan rice, tea, peaches, bamboo shoots and eggplants.

The tourist resort regularly organizes extra activities to keep visitors entertained such as flower shows, music festivals, magic shows and a summer carnival.

The resort was named a top 10 recreation spot in China in 2011, a nationally renowned brand of urban eco-tourism in 2016, the best eco-tourism destination by the China National Travel magazine in 2017 and a five-star sports tourism base in Shanghai in 2018. The brand value of "Shanghai Sheshan" reached 6.09 billion yuan ($884 million), according to the China Quality Certification Centre.

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