Sheshan folk dance makes cultural heritage list

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Updated: 2019-08-19

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Sheshan folk dance makes cultural heritage list

Locals perform Lianxiang Dance, or dalianxiang, in Sheshan county, Songjiang district, Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat ID: sheshanlvyou]

The 100-year-old folk dance of Sheshan county recently entered the intangible cultural heritage list of Songjiang district, local media reported on Aug 19.

Sheshan Lianxiang Dance, or Sheshan dalianxiang, is a traditional folk dance that has been passed on for many generations, especially in the Tianma and Bainiutang villages of Sheshan county.

It's commonly seen at temple fairs, traditional festivals, and harvest celebrations, with dancers tapping their shoulders, arms, and legs with a 1-meter-long bamboo stick while singing and jumping.

They may stand, squat, move, or jump, with sticks tapping their arms, legs, shoulders, waists, arches, hips, elbows or the ground to produce the characteristic "qika, qika" sound. All the moves were inspired by their ancestors' agricultural way of life.

Today, the folk dance has become a popular choice for retired locals to make friends and keep fit.

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