Spots for autumn views

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Updated: 2019-10-26

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As fall approaches, nature and culture lovers can head to Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort in Songjiang district to soak up the autumn views.

Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort is located in the southwest of Shanghai. It is the only large mountain park in the city and covers 401 hectares of land.

Over the years, Sheshan National Tourist Resort has been popular for many scenic spots such as, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park, and Sheshan Catholic Church.

Spots for autumn views

Chenshan Botanical Garden is home to more than 2,000 species of plants from all across China and the world. The garden is located at 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang district. [Photo/sheshanlvyoutopnews]

Spots for autumn views

Guangfulin Cultural Relics Park showcases historic items from the late Neolithic Age in China. It reproduces Shanghai's ancient way of life and ancient Guangfulin culture. [Photo/sheshanlvyoutopnews]

Spots for autumn views

Sheshan Catholic Church, located at the top of West Sheshan, was originally built in the 1870s by French missionaries and has been through several restorations. [Photo/sheshanlvyoutopnews]


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