Lan Sun Mountain Villa

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Updated: 2019-11-28

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Lan Sun Mountain Villa
Lan Sun Mountain Villa [Photo provided to]

It consists of an eastern part and western part. The eastern part is situated at the foot of the East Sheshan Mountain of the Shanghai Sheshan National Tourist Resort.

Emperor Kangxi named it "Lan Sun Shan", literally meaning "Orchid Bamboo Shoot Mountain", with a mountain brook to the south. From the villa, people may look up at the Far East's largest church at the summit of the West Sheshan Mountain.

The eastern part has 87 single rooms, standard rooms and suites in a total of 156 beds. The villa looks distinctive. The rooms with a hillside view are tranquil and comfortable. The villa also has a multifunction ballroom, KTV lounge, chess and card room, table tennis, foot massage and various kinds of conference rooms.

Address: No 9269, Waiqingsong Highway, Songjiang District, Shanghai

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