Shanghai Happy Valley Gleetour Hotel

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Updated: 2019-11-29

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Shanghai Happy Valley Gleetour Hotel

Shanghai Happy Valley Gleetour Hotel offers visitors an authentic experience of Spanish culture. [Photo/IC]

The four-star Spanish-style hotel, adjacent to Shanghai Happy Valley and Playa Maya Water Park, covers 35,000 square meters and offers 293 guest rooms on four floors.

Based on the elegant Islamic-influenced architecture of southern Spain, the hotel offers visitors an authentic experience of Spanish culture, with in-house restaurants serving delicious paella, tapas and fine Rioja.

The hotel features five gardens designed according to the characteristics of Andalusia, Valencia, and La Mancha. When entering the hotel, guests will feel like they are standing in a fairy tale world with an old castle, exotic gardens and an unique atmosphere.

Guests to the hotel also will enjoy free access to Playa Maya Water Park, twice a day. In the daytime, visitors can enjoy giant roller coasters and slide into the water like jet-skis or just fit in with the party crowd and dance to the music.

At night, tourists may enjoy eye-catching shows put on by artists from Eastern Europe and South America after a feast of decent Spanish dishes such as preserved pork chops, stewed fish, egg dumplings and beef with sour soup.

The hotel is only 15 kilometers' drive to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and within walking distance to popular tourist sites including Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Sculpture Park, Songjiang University City, and Thames Town.

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