Flower shows in Chenshan throughout the year

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Updated: 2020-03-13

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Flower shows in Chenshan throughout the year
International Orchid Show [Photo/csnbgsh.cn]

The first Orchid Show was held in Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden in 2012. The beautiful floral displays shed a light on the world’s largest plant family. The orchids not only delight the senses, but also help educate people about the global concerns of plant conservation and environmental preservation.

Flower shows in Chenshan throughout the year
Rose Show [Photo/csnbgsh.cn]

The Rose Show brings this global symbol of love to the public in a big way. With fun and inviting activities, visitors can learn about the history, cultural significance and ecological value of this important plant, which is as beloved in China as it is in the rest of the world.

Flower shows in Chenshan throughout the year

Autumn Flower & Fruit Show [Photo/csnbgsh.cn]

Autumn is the season of harvest and the most colorful time of the year. It’s also when Chenshan comes to life with various exotic fruits and colorful flowers. The Autumn Flower & Fruit Show offers a variety of interactive themed activities with plenty of participation from a wide range of visitors.

Flower shows in Chenshan throughout the year

Water Lily Show [Photo/csnbgsh.cn]

Water lilies, with their unique shape and fantastic colors, are the top choice for summer flowers. The Chenshan Water Lily Show, through a variety of different methods, makes for a great summer experience. The show not only provides a visual feast, but also teaches visitors everything they need to know about the flower and efforts to protect it at the Chenshan Botanical Garden.

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