Chenshan Botanical Garden, an ideal place for parent-child tours

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Updated: 2020-04-17

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The Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan National Tourism Resort is not only a great place for horticulture lovers, but also a wonderful place for parents to bring their children.

The garden, covering an area of 207 hectares, is currently home to approximately 10,000 plant species, including some rare and endangered species.

The plants are labeled with their names and characteristics, making it easy for children to learn about them, and if they're not having enough fun, there's also a children's playground and zoo at the garden.

The playground, which is under renovation now and expected to reopen in May, has a wide variety of facilities such as a balance beam, wooden horse, sand pit, suspension bridge and swing.

At the zoo, which is currently also under renovation, with the reopening date to be announced, children can observe and interact with animals such as peacocks, lambs and alpacas.

Visitors can also explore the island in the middle of a lake in the garden, where there are tree houses and amusement facilities, including a sea rover and slide.

The garden recently reopened after a short-term suspension due to the epidemic.

Visitors are required to register their personal information and book tickets ahead of time via the garden's WeChat account: csnbgsh.

Adult tickets are 60 yuan ($8.69) per person, while senior citizens only need to pay 50 yuan and students 30 yuan.

Those over 65 years old and medical workers can enter for free.

Customer service hotline: 021-37792288-800

Chenshan Botanical Garden, an ideal place for parent-child tours
Children play in the Chenshan Botanical Garden in Sheshan National Tourism Resort. [Photo/WeChat account: sheshanlvyoutopnews]

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